Christmas 2023!

I’ve got to start this off by saying I was lazy and didn’t move around for pictures, and Maynard stole the show.

This is probably one of the financially tightest Christmases I’ve ever had. It was also a really nice christmas because I had Jamie here, and all three of my kids (and yes, that does pack our little house uber snug). It wasn’t one of the best if you’re receiving gifts from me, but I received some really nice gifts. A funny hand painted coffee mug (Because COFFEE is life) from Dayton, a larger SEMA jacket with new name-tag from Jamie, and a new Raspberry Pi 5 from Indy.

Christmas eve was a bit drama filled, but we got to sleep in a little bit, and had a lazy morning opening gifts and watching Maynard explore the paper.

Here are the images, I’m pooped so I think I’ll go take another knap after I smash the “Publish” button.

Looking forward to New Years, and 2024. Hopefully some more stability, some viable options for property growth, and career advancement for both me and Jamie.

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