Grizzlies Hockey!

Great weekend of hockey, made better by the company we keep. Unfortunately, the Grizzlies weren’t quite up to par with the Idaho Stealheads. All said and done, it was a really good game, just didn’t end in the Grizzlies favor.

There was a pretty good fight along the way, but it didn’t last long, and obviously didn’t help our score. If you neglect the end result, it was a good game. Lots of back and forth scoring, never further than a point difference, and the energy of the players seemed high most of the game (I enjoyed the crowd a LOT more than last night’s crowd, last nights crowd had way to many of them shitty plastic trumpet things).

Things with my date were wonderful. Just being around her makes me smile and get butterfly fuzziness inside. What ever we are, is pretty nice. It has been a very long time since I felt the patience and need to understand and listen to a potential person in my life as I have in this “What ever we are”. Normally by this far along, we’ve already normalized the physical relationship, tip toed around the emotional relationship, and probably spent multiple weekends (or more) at one or the other’s house. I like to think that it maybe a result of my journey, or the work I’ve done inside myself over the last few months that has made things slow down inside of myself, and normalized how relationships should start. Learn the person, get to know them, build your communication paths, then get to know them physically. I don’t know honestly, but I am happy with the process, and of course I’m always scared things will go south, but not unreasonably either way, and I try to keep that in the back of my mind, so if things do have to end between us, there is no anger or misunderstandings, and we can remain friends.

Here’s to more hockey games, hopefully better results, and lots more end of period junk food! ~me

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