Mustangs Hockey!

People that know me, know that in general I really do not like team sports, except HOCKEY! I feel lucky that here in Ogden Utah, we’ve got really good outdoor activities, a fun and interesting historic area, and a young diverse hockey team in the Mustangs.

Last night was a really fun night. I got to catch up with a friend, and my date from last weekend allowed me to take her out this weekend (We don’t know “What We Are”, but I’m really happy with her, and she’s a wonderful person).

Our team “usually” wins when I go see them. I don’t know if I’m a good luck token for them, or if they’re just good (they’re just good). Today is a double game day on the Ice Sheet. Another game against Pueblo, and a Grizzlies exhibition game later in the day. We’re going to see the Grizzlies since normally they play down in Salt Lake with tickets that cost three times as much. Should be fun, can’t wait.

Here’s a few of the images I took last night. It is the first time that I’ve taken inside pictures (let alone with movement) since getting back into photography. I’m really not happy with any of the images. I try to tell myself it’s been over a decade since I took pictures inside like this. I’ll take some more tonight and see if I can get through the glass a little better.

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