Feel The Burn – In a Good Way

This hike was mostly just to get my ass out and working. I was feeling like a slug, so my friend encouraged me to get out and hike, so I did. This trail is called “Bonneville Shoreline Trail Loop”. Unfortunately my phone decided it didn’t need to be tracking my hike anymore and shut off (again). So the route on AllTrails ends early (This AllTrails link is the entire trail). I really need to find a little something to put my phone in while I’m hiking. I think it gets screen input from my leg, then clickity, beep, boop, done with my hike while I’m hiking. Just means I gotta get back to this one, and “do it again” (not the funnest hike, but I want that “Verified Complete” on this hike).

I did this hike clock wise, and I’m glad I did. The counter clock wise route was ultra boring along the bottom portion, then a beat you up hike up the mountain, and slippery downhill where I came up (I don’t like going down, it hurts my knee bones, and I don’t know how to use my hiking poles downhill very well yet).

I’m on the interwebs researching all the wintery stuff I need to start scrounging up cuz it’s getting cold fast here. I “know” I need some micro spikes, some waterproof pants, a better jacket so I can layer my clothes, boots that can handle some coldness, and I guess I may break down and get a real hiking day pack (I’ve got backpacks, but they’re heavy, built for computers, and all of them are worn out in one way or another).

I feel pretty lucky to have a friend that “knows” what hiking and getting my camera out do for my mental health. She’s gentle in how she gets me motivated to get back into the mountains, or just onto a trail, and breathe again. It’s part of the work I’ve done to be better than I was yesterday, and I hope I can be an inspiration to her, and other’s that live in my circle. I hope too, that those in my circle can tell me to shove it up my ass when I’ve fallen away from who I’m focused on being. No one grows alone, even when we’re lonely, feel alone, or try to do it alone. There’s always, always someone in our circle that gives us that little support we need to step over the next hurtle.

So here are a few pictures, I’ll try and just pick the ones I found interesting or I just liked.

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