New Lens, Old Walk

Finally bit the bullet and purchased an old lens for more than $20 on Etsy. I REALLY like the wide angle lenses, but the last 3 I bought (last summer), all take horrible pictures if you use the lenses at their most wide open (fastest) settings.

This lens, I still got it on Etsy, but paid closer to a normal price (Under $100, but close). It is a Tokina AT-X 24-40mm lens from the 90s. I finally walked around my building with my camera and the new lens taking pictures of what ever looked like it might be an interesting image. I don’t claim to be a good or great photographer, but several of today’s images look really nice to me.

These are the images, and hopefully next weekend, I’ll be learning my “newest” camera and it’s multitude of advances since my K10D was produced.

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