The Pentax K-3 ii

I can’t say I’m “impressed” with my 1st 3 images, but 99.9% of that is the button pusher dragging the camera around his yard (The camera settings are all still mostly what the previous owner used, I will reset to factory defaults when I learn how).

Lucky for me, I am okay with buying used equipment of the interwebs. In this case, it was an e-Bay purchase. I found the absolute cheapest Pentax K-3 ii I could find, and fired off a little of my tax return money for it. The camera came a day early, and appears to be in good shape. The shutter count on the site said ~5300, I’ll verify that once I get a little more time under my belt with the camera.

I’m using my “new” favorite lens on the camera at the moment. It is a Tokina AT-X 24-40mm lens from the 90’s I believe. I would say older, but it has automatic aperture controls, so it tells me it’s probably from around the 90’s.

No excuses, on these images, just playing with the new toy. Hope they’re at least interesting to zoom in on and see the crap we glaze over on our daily lives.

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