Forgot What I Was Going To Say….

I’m going to bump the the date on this so it shows yesterday. I was too tired to write last night when I got home.

This “walk” tonight was kind of nostalgic. Not long ago (but a lifetime ago) I started on this same path, but turned left instead of right. I made a quick Marco video for a friend that day, and started my little hike (back then, I hadn’t hiked much, if at all, just these paved paths). From the starting point of this hike, I’ve often wondered if they meant for it to pop out where it does. When I came back out after walking the path, I could smell the fresh trash, old cigarette butts, and stale alcohol that’d been spilled around the large green trash cans. Kind of a strange feeling that, down the trail 100 yards, and you’re by a flowing river, lots of trees, park benches, nice bridges, and the sound of crickets (I’m sure there’s bird sounds during the day, but this was almost midnight).

Not a lot to say about this walk. There was some thinkin’, some wondering, and some figuring. Here are a few of the images.

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