2024 Cache Valley Cruise In {Pt 2}

Another day, another torture test of heated’ness. Not a word until you’ve hung out in hot temps doing nothing but sitting around in hot temps. We got up and walked around a lot because it was cooler to wander around than sit around.

Not a ton changed today from yesterday except another 100+ cars showed up (up to 935 I think – over 1000 tomorrow I hope), more people came by to talk about their history and memories of life with or in a Ford Escort. They’re all fond, and they all had huge smiles on their faces. I’m happy to see Indy’s car getting some attention and hope it reinforces the fact that all cars are cool cars when you find the right people. People who understand any car is a “Classic” when it brings back wonderful memories of adventures past.

I bitch about other makes of vehicles (mainly general motors) but honestly, if it makes you happy and doesn’t harsh anyone elese’s vibe, then do your own thing. Just be ready for some “joshin’ and harassin’ ” if you show up in something I deem inferior to my products of choice – that’s how it works 🙂 .

I am happy that I am getting this post started before midnight tonight, but I honestly do not have a lot to say about to day. I did take a lot of pictures, but not as many as yesterday (I didn’t let myself use my favorite lens, I am sure that is a huge part of it). Tomorrow is “D” day for the car show, so my favorite lens will be out in full force (probably).

These first two images are just pet peeves of mine. I know that many modern mirror-less cameras do not have an eye piece, but geeze, it just, it’s just not right when you use your photography equipment like you would use your phone. Put the camera to your eye, adjust the composition, make sure your setting are where you want them, and hammer the trigger for an image. The camera makes a satisfying, visceral “Ka-klack” and you move on to your next subject. Don’t forget “I am not happy, unless I am bitching”.

Actual reason for these two images is because Indy and myself were playing with his 500mm lens I gave him for graduation. I showed him some of its quirks, and explained bokeh to him. This lens has “unique” bokeh, and I can best explain it with this lens. On the image of the actual photographer, you can see a bunch of little donuts, or horseshoes around the blurred background. That is bokeh, but it is unique to this 500mm lens because it is also a Newtonian lens (basically a telescope that you can attach to your (D)SLR camera). The central mirror makes a donuts in the bokeh.

These 6 pics are just random images I took. No story to go with them, just walked around and thought “wow” so I snapped a pic.

These pictures I like because they show living things, personality, and family life. I am NOT a people person (I am nice to people, but I would much rather NOT interact with the public at large).

Another set of images that require grouping are engine’s in similar cars. I am 100% a fan of the classic, lots of mechanical parts to see and touch side of the road. I would much rather see a line of clean, well adjusted corroborators than a metal aluminum tube that’s welded to a few clamps and stuffed in next to a pile of wires. Examples here with this Datsun/Nissan.

Jamie even has some cars she loved to see. This one was a driver that looks like they enjoy it more than baby it for car shows (I like those kinds of cars). My Comet as a lot of parts that are interchangeable between the Mustang, the Fairlane, and some newer 70’s era mid-sized cars from Ford.

This car is a Studebaker Avanti. Weird looking car, but I really like it. Of course I would have to chop it up and give it Ford power, but it is just a fun looking car to me. Suck it haters, this’ my house!

One thing the Cache Valley Cruise In is famous for, is their give away vehicle. They have given all kinds of vehicles away. Classic Hotrods, station-wagons, muscle cars, Pickup Trucks, Panel Vans, just about all makes (I would imagine, they have generally given away chevys since, “welcome to Utah – vehicle diversity is not encouraged here”).

This year, I entirely approve of the vehicle (Of course, because Ford 🙂 ). I have looked it over a little bit, and although it is not their most custom or practical vehicle they’ve given away, I REALLY like this one. Simple, sturdy, and unique. Who do you know with a Ford F3? Nope, me neither.

Today’s cars that stood out to me. Couple Fairlanes for different reasons, a big block AC Cobra (has an automatic transmission, so I would not take it as is, but I would love one like it some day), a Maverick (real Maverick, not the Ford “Escape” based Maverick of today). Finally, and unfortunately, the last car is beautiful, until you look under the hood and see a cookie cutter general motors engine and automatic transmission. LAME!

Yesterday we saw some people noshing on a hotdog that was stuck inside a spiral cut potato. We got one today! Then, we saw another chevy, but this one looked totally at home with some of its kin folk. I only took one picture, but the others looked just like it (very similar to when you see the Mustangs, Camaros, Impalas, Malibus, Novas, Chevelles, and gm produced pickup trucks.

general motors vehicle (holds trash, smells horrible, and looks identical to the other 3 that were right next to it)

Oh, and here is the sign for the miscellaneous noshable items we ignored in favor of the hotdog twisted inside a spiral cut potato and deep fried (Twister Dog).

Tomorrow I have no idea what we will snarf down, but there are options. They’ve got more food vendors this year than last year I am pretty sure.

These two images were of an F-250 that had a large 3-ringed binder on the radiator. It is full of pictures from the past, stories, maintenance records, and receipts for just about everything. It is all original, with all the information of the man who initially purchased it. He served in WWII, and owned this since new until his death. It has Dr. Pepper painted on the doors (I don’t know why because that is shit water if you ask me – Coke Cola all the way buddy!). Really nice truck to look over and enjoy. I loved the light through the bottles, and got the picture to look half way decent before we moved on to other vehicles.

We headed back into the “Women’s World” building to see if they added more stuff and were promptly greeted by a woman that was wobbling on her feet, obviously suffering a heat stress moment, and was headed for the ground in a hurry. I stepped in behind her, kept her from falling over, and helped cool her off. I had just gotten my neck cooler reloaded so I tossed it around her neck and hung around until she laid down and they started to get her situation under control. I hope she is okay, but we didn’t stick around to see how she did. I was too late to help a woman in Vegas that fell down from the heat (her noggin’ sounded like a coconut when it hit the curb), so I am glad I could help this woman not bonk her noggin’ when she started to weaken from the heat.

I hope tomorrow is as nice as the last two days have been. My dad is coming up tomorrow, but it sounds like he really doesn’t want to come up. I hope he stays till the give-a-way, but he may not. Tomorrow is supposed to crack 95*F so it will not be a comfortable time in the sun for sure.

If you see this in time, come on up to Logan and drag your keys across some chevy’s for us. Maybe let your wild ass kids rub their dirty ass hands around on some chevy interior fabric, or if you are a fantastic human being, you could also just show up, start a fight with a stranger, and leave so we all have something new to talk about at work on Monday.

Have the day you deserve,


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