25th Street Was LIT!

I have taken lots of pictures on “Historic 25th Street” here in Ogden. Tonight however, there was all kinds of things to experience. Poor girl all strung out on who knows what walking down the street yelling at a guy in a chevy pickup about someone named “Valerie” or “Bitch” I couldn’t tell if she was going on about the same person (more on her later). Needless to say, I crossed the street and minded my own business.

When I left the car, I paused to take a regular, 10mm fish-eye view of 25th street. First image was a longer shutter speed (3 seconds I think), and the second image is SUPPOSED to be darker with a 1.5 second shutter speed. I need to re-load Darktable because it did this to every single image I uploaded tonight. NOT A FAN!

The lady walking down the street yelling at her boyfriend in the pickup, was coming up behind me, so I changed to the other side of the street for a minute.

After I tinkered with the horse and the Ogden banner I saw “LEGACY” across the street, so I wondered over to see if it would be interesting to use the fish-eye lens for that place.

There were a lot of people out on the street tonight. I think there was a live band at “Elevated” (I think that’s the name), and there were people stumbling in and out of that place my entire walk.

That image with the squiggly lights all over it was a time laps I was taking and someone came up with a LOT of questions, really close to me, and I did not like it, so I walked off while the shutter was still open (Happened a few times, but the other images weren’t as interesting).

After having my buzz harshed by the people that were drunk out of their gored, I headed back. That is when I saw the woman that had been walking down the street hollerin’ at her boyfriend. Well, she was yelling with some other guy about getting some powder about the time I was taking the squiggly line picture, then I saw her down by Wall when I was driving home swaying to her own thoughts and as chill as a pill. She must have scored some of the powder I guess.

When I got back to the car, I dropped my tripod to down low, and took a few pictures of the Comet, don’t love’em, but they are a beginning.

Anyhow, that was my night after work. Normally it is a quiet uneventful walk with my camera, tonight it was a little to “peopley” for me. Maybe next time I’ll take this lens to one of the other side streets and get up close and personal with some inanimate objects.

I watched a YouTube video at work tonight. He talks about using Photography for his mental well being. He’s a doctor in England, takes pictures of his same town all the time, and it brings him some peace. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again; “Taking pictures is a healthy process that sometimes creates beautiful art”. Maybe I said it in different words, but that’s what “whackin’ ” the shutter button does for me. Sometimes I really like the images, other times, I use them as a conduit to write about my night.

Have a the day you deserve who ever you are,


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