2024 Cache Valley Cruise In {Pt. 1}

Another 4th of July spent in Logan Utah with the Cache Valley Cruise In car show. According to the stickers on my car, I’ve brought it to ~8 shows. This year I registered my 1967 Mercury Comet 202, My 2005 Ford Crown Victoria LX, and Indy’s 1995 Ford Escort LX Wagon. The Crown Vic ended up staying home because I can only drive one car at a time and I ain’t makin’ the drive back just to pick up another car.

By far the most popular car we brought is Indy’s Escort. It is very much untouched except for some gauges and a dent on the back driver’s side. Otherwise, it is basically what a 1995 car would look like if were taken care of and driven (His has 180K miles or more). We have also had the cylinder head rebuilt because a notorious valve seat dropped last winter. It still needs a new axle, and we got it some new tie-rods, but that’s for another day. Pictures and the story of his cylinder head learning experience is here.

Anyhow, I took quite a few images already and due to the REALLY show internet provided at this Air BnB it has taken all night to get the images loaded up-to the web-server. I will try to anotate any that I think might be confusing but really, there’s so many, I’m just going to throw them up and let you all look at the ones you like (remember, click the image, it’ll open a new tab, and if you want the “bigger” image then highlight the URL for the image, and wipe out the “*-scaled” part. So instead of it being blah.blah_numbers-scaled.jpg, it’ll be blah.blah_numbers.jpg. If you want to print any of these, they’re all cropped to 5X7 dimensions, so I can print them for my office at work on occasion.

Anyhow, I can’t write a lot about to day because it is already the next day, and we’re spinning up to go sit with our cars.

First here are my favorite images from the show, then I’ll drop the rest in the gallery below this one (or, just throw them all in the second gallery too, doesn’t really matter 🙂 ).

And here are “all the images” I edited from July 4th.

Have a wonderful day, and if that is the day you deserve, good on ya!


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