Cache Valley Cruise In 2023 pt. 1

To kick off this post, we’re just going to say: “The tardy bird gets a parking spot in the middle of hell”. Normally the Cache Valley Cruise guys don’t like people to come stake out their spots early, but some usually get away with it. This year, I guess they enforced it a little more and the word in the pits is that guys were lined up outside the entrance with their cars at midnight last night. Being the rule abiding individual I am, I took my time today, and didn’t rush. When we got here, ALL of the decent spots were taken (and I do mean ALL). We’re stuck parking in the dead middle of the grass with zero shade. Luckily we’ve got an easy setup gazebo so we’ll have some protection from the hell fire in the sky.

I only smacked the shutter button three times (because HOT, humid feeling, and HOT). I entered my 2005 Crown Vic this year along with my “67 Comet. My dad’s cars aren’t in a good mood, so they’re still back in Roy. We are however still going to use the two extra spots for our seating area. If they make a stink about it, I may be a little rude (we paid for 4 spots, we’re using 4 spots, so please fuck off).

The things that make my Crown Vic “special” enough for this show is the 5 speed manual conversion, custom stereo system, and coil over suspension (with forearm sized anti-sway bars). I guess it is a sense of pride that both cars were 98.6% done by myself, my dad, or a friend (My dad’s friend Bob Darling did the body work and paint). The interior was upholstered by a woman outside of Logan Utah ,and the dash was painted by a guy up in Logan. Both of those jobs were chosen on budget alone. Quality was “fine” but not anything I would call show car quality. The dash needed painted because the vinyl part of my seats came out to be the wrong color. So instead of taking my seats back for another 9 month wait, I just had the interior metal painted to match the seats (instead of aqua blue, it is sea foam green’ish). I like how it looks, so win.

I’ll try to take a few more images tomorrow, and finally on Saturday. This is it for today, it is now time for a few gallons of water, some TV, a shower, and bed. I do not see myself pulling my normal midnight+ shenanigans tonight, I’m seriously spent.

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