Brumfield Family Reunion 2024

For the second year in a row, we got to go to the Brumfield Family Reunion. Last years was the 1st one in a long time. That post is here if you want to see last year’s pictures.

Wasn’t quite the turnout as last year, but those that were there seemed to enjoy the hellow’s and how you been’s. There were a few that were here this year that weren’t last year, and a few that weren’t here this year that were here last year. Not everyone lives within a few hours of Indian Springs, so it is understandable why they wouldn’t be here every year.

I feel like I took a lot more images this year too. I brought three lenses, and used all three of them (An old Pentax 100-300 zoom I ordered from Japan for $19, new to me Pentax 10mm-17mm (fish-eye), and my 28-105 Pentax (and my nicest lens). Last year I had my Pentax K-1 Mark ii. I traded that camera and a bunch of accessories, and my Pentax K-3 Mark ii for the used Pentax K-3 Mark iii now. They are different beasts, but the K-3 Mark iii is about 3 years newer, and has far superior auto-focus, so this year’s pictures turned out much better in my opinion. When the Pentax K-1 Mark iii comes out, I will sell my children to own one (not really, but I am going to bend over backwards to find the funds to get one). The only edits I did to the raw images for this gallery was to crop them all to 5×7, “de-noise” them to reduce any sensor noise, and let Darktable apply “Haze Removal” to boost the contrast a little. I prefer Darktable over Lightroom because “MONEY” and I do not use any apple, microsoft, or adobe stuff. When I need to hand edit the images, I use DarkTable, and Gimp (like photoshop, but open and free to download and use). I use Endeavor OS Linux as my operating system at the moment – it is based on Arch Linux and works really well on all of my old computer hardware. The web server you’re on right now runs Ubuntu Server Linux on a small HP office computer in my basement right next to the furnace and ac unit. Knock on wood, it’s been up for a few years with out any issues I didn’t cause. They all backup to my basement networked server, then off to my dad’s house a few miles away from my house.

I honestly couldn’t be worse at remembering names. Lesley stood up and instructed us to introduce ourselves, explain how we fit in the tree, and to remind everyone she’s, our favorite. I got pictures most of the people that stood up, but I cannot for the life of me keep a name to a face (I can remember faces to places though).

Here are the images, you can click an image to see the scaled down full image. If you want the full unscaled image, copy the URL for the image, and delete the scaled part towards the end of the file name and you will get the full size image that you can then download by right clicking and selecting save, download, or what ever your device says. I noticed that WordPress (the content manager I use for my site) jumbled the order of the images up. I re-ordered them so they’re a little related, but they’re still all over the place.

Until next year kids, take care of yourselves, be safe (but still make stupid choices because we need more stories), and I love you all.


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