Watching Sky Candy @ Tunnel Springs

Today’s hike, was the first I’ve had with a group I joined about 3 or 4 weeks ago. For a lot of reasons, I haven’t hiked with them until tonight. I’m not sure how in-depth I will go into the reasons I’ve had a hard time going along with this group on a hike until tonight, but I will say, it is a hard pill to swallow sometimes when you learn truths about your previous behaviors, and it is too late to do anything about it now. The best I can do, is to stop that destructive behavior in its tracks, apologize as meaningfully as I can, and hope there’s something left of a special friendship to repair. I’m sorry it seems a little cryptic, but it isn’t entirely my place to talk about the hard pill I was given today. I am ashamed at what I did, how I handled specific situations, and the neglect I showed when I should have been present and available. I’m learning these things now, and they are more information I am using to understand all the areas I need to better myself. If I can’t better myself from these nuggets of painful truths, then I have no business involving anyone in my life until I can be a better person. I’m not going to say much else on this except I owe my friend so much, in so many ways, and areas of life, it would be impossible to repay them. For now, I can only apologize profusely, remain open to them so they can freely express them self to me, and be there for them if they ever need my help.

The area we started the hike is called “Tunnel Springs Park“. It is a hugely popular location for family pictures, wending photos, and just taking crazy pictures in general. I’ve included a few of photo shoots in progress. It’s nuts.

I need to get to bed, another clean up hike with the Plikings tomorrow morning. I can’t wait because I feel like it will be my little bit of pay-back for using all these trails free of charge. We’ll be cleaning up some trails, trimming some of the shrubs back, and making sure everything is ready for the end of the season.

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