2023 Brumfield Family Reunion

It’s been a while, but the Brumfield’s got together for a reunion. This year we did it out at Indian Springs in Idaho (Outside of Rockland Idaho). The last one I attended was down in American Falls at the senior living apartments.

I’m not as close, or connected to the Brumfield side of my family as I would like to be, but they’re always a wonderful welcoming, and fun group to spend the day with. I’ll do my best to decipher my images here, but I am always (ALWAYS) screwing up names with parents, with uncles and aunts.

There are a couple people here that you’ll see quite a bit. Leslie is one that has kind of become our pack leader, or mascot (she’s got the best voice that carries 🙂 and we don’t always listen well). You’ll notice the pictures with her in them that she is almost always blurry because that woman is always in motion. She’s pretty much awesome.

Two cousins that I spent time with just after high school was Heidi and April. They were close to my age, and we’ve usually had the same sense of humor, or at least the same mind set when we’re talking to one another. I apologize ahead of time but I forgot Heidi’s boyfriend’s name, and for the life of me I always forget April’s husband’s name too.

I will try to get all the names and who they’re related to but I’m at a loss most of the time.

Here’s a few of Leslie and April talking this and that. Almost got Leslie and April clear as a bell, but blurry, then hand, then not the best angle (I need to practice taking pictures of people).

I’m not sure how to get everyone’s names in the comments of these pictures with out covering the pictures with text (If you click the pic, it “should” go full size in a new tab or window). Anyhow, I didn’t take a lot of pictures, and have even less that are anything more than just pictures of people but here’s the majority of them.

Hopefully we’ll get to do this annual or something like that. I’ve got three kids myself, so hopefully I can time their visits with the family reunion next year so I can bring the entire herd. Hopefully it doesn’t line up with a car show or something else that’s going on because it is nice to catch up with all my family from all the sides. (Steiger, Turner on my dad’s side and Alston, Brumfield on my mom’s side).

Before I forget, I have the music that was playing at the reunion. It is George and Dale playing and singing. There’s some random sounds in the background that are John, Ethel, and Birdy (probably more, but those are the only ones I recognized). Timmy Alston had these CDs at another gathering we had a few years ago. I ripped them to mp3, and uploaded them to my server. I didn’t have time to make playlists out of them, but these players below should play on just about anything.

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