Two Hikes 1 Day: This One Was Special

Earlier in the day I went on a walk around a pond, I had a really difficult time, a really difficult day, but finished the day off with my son, walking on the side of the mountain on a 2.7 mile long loop, in the middle of the night, tripods, cameras, and headlamps in tow. AllTrails showed it pretty much like we walked it. I am thankful it was at night though, because I am afraid of heights, never trust my balance (I have good balance, I just don’t trust it if I’m depending on it not to fall off the edge of the mountain), and it felt like a night dive, only I was walking instead of SCUBA diving.

There’s really not a ton to say about this hike emotionally. I absolutely loved it, we kept our pace pretty high until we reached good photo opportunities, and rested when my old ass had to catch up to its self. I’m going to blame my boots cuz them som’bitches are heavy :). I was also hauling extra water in my bag, and left too many lenses in there from earlier in the day. So my bag was pretty packed (never needed any of the other lenses, especially at night).

I’m loading this into separate galleries today. The first batch is my gallery, and the second batch is from Dayton’s work (his turned out much better than mine did).

I’m thinking a little bit about if I should write a little bit of my journey from yesterday, but I’m not sure it is something that needs to be said in this format. It was a very special day for me in a few ways, this hike was one of the biggest, I am a happy dad, proud father, and when I’m active with my kids it is icing on the parental cake.

These are from Dayton’s work. He had some great ideas, captured moments I didn’t and learned quickly. I love seeing your mind at work bud, love you tons!