Father Son: A Different Adventure

This morning I got Indy up and out the door for a hike over in Perry Utah (bout a 30 minute drive). This one was a lot of fun. Weird mix of ATV roads, open trail, tree covered trail, dusty trail, and rocky trail. It all ended at a pretty deep cave, that is part of an old gold claim. Indy and me went back into the cave about 20-30 yards till it was too small to crouch and walk (I’m not into spelunking).

Our hike ended up being 4 miles on the nose. Bout 2 miles up, and 2 miles down. We brought both of my DSLR cameras, but Indy really didn’t take many images. There’s a few goofy ones of my playing at the mouth of the cave, and a few random that he took as we were walking.

Really not a ton to say about this hike either. A little thinking, some distracting thoughts that I had to real in, and light conversation with Indy about his school, love interest, and what he’s thinking about college, and the future.

Here are the images, I’ll put the first batch of Indy’s then mine will be below those.

Getting out in nature with your family, together, or taking them one at a time, is a wonderful way to connect, even if a lot of words are left unspoken. ~me

The images below, are all from my camera.