Dug Deep, Pushed Through, That Sucked

There’s really nothing in this world that can pull you away from mental difficulties than physical pain. I knew when I went to bed last night, that today was going to be awful. On top of my “normal” mental bitch slaps, my kids flew home today. That always takes a day or two before it simmers down to a dull ache. Unfortunately when things are already being a pain in the ass, it doesn’t take much to drag the ship down with the baby-water, or how ever it sounds funniest to screw that line up.

This hike was my longest and hardest yet. Would have been okay, but it was low 90’s today, I started the hike at high noon’ish, and as my MO, I didn’t bring all that much water (might wanna double up next time I drag my ass around more than 4 miles).

After I got over myself, and started to think a little better. I made a video for my friend, took her on the trail with me for a minute or two, and hoped I wasn’t overstepping a boundary. Ultimately I made three videos, I uploaded them, but I don’t know how long I’ll leave them there. The reason I do this, is that last week or so, she sent me one from one of her hikes, and it brought on some wonderful emotions. She is a wonderful friend, and I hope over time, we can find some normalcy as friends (it’s pretty difficult right now, and there’s a LOT of up and downs as I try to figure out what she means by some of the things she says).

There’s a lot to what my mind was working on today before the hike. No need to go into it here, but the long steep hike really unclogged the emotional drain. Not a ton of tears were shed (mainly because when I felt them coming on, I would also hear people coming or going on the trail near me. Swallow that hurt down like a vitamin C.

I really wasn’t into taking pictures this trip. The software I use to post process my images, updated today, and my favorite tools are gone. Not a great day to start the week, but it’ll get better I hope.

You can’t run from hurtful emotions, but you can sure as hell walk them off. ~me