FORD! Take my MONEY!

As most people that are familiar with me know, I’ve got opinions, and I’m more than happy to dump them out like a toddler dumping flour out on the living room floor. This is more of a “bitch and moan” than an opinion post, but don’t you worry cup cake(s), I’ll drop some opinions.

I recently sold my Ford Flex, took the money to my dad’s and tucked it away. I’m using it as the base to my down payment on a new Ford Bronco {Probably a 2023 model). Other’s that may know me, also know that I am NOT a 4×4 kind of guy. I mean, sure, they’re nice, and I’m sure they’re fun, but there’s a lot more to break, replace, and go unused than I’d like to deal with. But when you’re a person that believes automatic transmissions are for soccer moms, handicap folks {missing a left leg, have bad knees, or don’t have a right arm}, and lazy people that don’t enjoy the visceral experience of driving {The same people that probably don’t like sex or chocolate}.

I jumped on line, did a few quick “Build & Price” builds to see what I wanted vs what I could afford, and BAM! Found my happy place, then sent an e-mail off to a local’ish stealership (The closest one to me, isn’t my 1st choice). Then was rudely informed that reservations are closed for 2022, and with out a reservation, you can not order a new vehicle. I know the 2023 Bronco’s will be a little more expensive, so hopefully I will have padded my down payment a little bit more to absorb the offensive new price. I tried to explain to them “Who I was”, but it didn’t seem to make a difference.

The only extras I’ve selected on the Bronco Base model, are the overhead auxiliary switches, and the keyless entry number pad on the driver’s door. The aux switches because the wire harness is all there if you select the switches, and the keypad because I like to leave my keys in the car when I go for a hike, a show, or what ever. I’m tossing around the idea of adding the roof rack because it is more than twice as expensive to order it after the fact, than to select it as an optional item.

2 door, manual transmission, 2.3L EcoBoost engine, in basic (Oxford White), with silver steel wheels. Exactly like I like it. If I found one now, with out the switches or keypad, I’d probably go try to buy it, but I’m also finding out that stealerships are severely marking up their Bronco’s that are on the lots. Unless you special order it, you’re most likely going to find large mark ups over MSRP.

Just a quick post to say shit, damn, shiminy-mother-FO! C’mon reservations, get your ass open again! (Ford had over 190K people signed up when they closed reservations in March “22. They’re only able to squirt out ~ 49K Bronco’s a month right now). Maybe it’ll speed up when they iron out a chip shortage, and like most other things, they’ve got some supply shortages.

Back to window shopping I guess. Take care everyone, and have a wonderful day,


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