Bishop Castle Colorado

After we visited my grandma jo’s grave site in Silver Cliff we took off for a guy’s castle that he’s been adding to for decades. The best way to explain it is “Cement, Rocks, Rod Iron, and heights”.

I am NOT a fan of heights. Just walking around some of the areas of the castle made my body clinch, butt tingle, and brain go foggy. It’s exhilarating, but it is not exciting.

I’m just going to toss a pile of pictures in here. I made the mistake of not posting these pictures and their story as soon as I took them, so we’ll see what I remember.

The outside was interesting, but once I shut my brain off and went up the skinny front steps, I saw all the details that were done. Stained glass, the rooms, nooks and crannies, and the use of rod iron for most heights was amazing. I didn’t go any higher than the main area, but watching the people that went clear up I could see it moving under their weight, and that alone was my cue to go back outside.

This batch of pictures are basically the inside, and after we went inside.

This was a fun, quirky place. I think every state kind of has a place like this, and one of my friend’s at work says there’s another one that’s also interesting. Next time I go to Pueblo I’ll have to drag the kids out and we can look at the other place (I call it “The other place” because I can’t remember the name right now).

Overall it was a pretty nice trip. The drive sucked, but who doesn’t think driving 10 hours one way sucks (and after Colorado Springs, you’re basically in a flat desert that want’s the be Kansas.

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