Crowded Trails, Crowded Thoughts

This morning the planned hike was cancelled. Since I was up, I decided to get an early start, and hit a trail I had yet to hike (There are two, that I am saving for personal reasons, and one I need to do alone). This one is called “Waterfall Canyon Trail“. It’s not very long, but it gets pretty steep. I thought coming down would be worse, but it was easy stuff. I’m sure my thighs are going to bark at me on Monday, but right now, they’re fine.

Lot of thinking happened on this hike. Ironically, on the way down, I ran into my friend (that has been instrumental in helping me decipher so much of this journey. Yesterday I gave her a friendly hug when I greeted her, and another when we were parting ways, today felt “awkward” or something. Maybe its because I’m in my own mind a little bit, but I miss our relaxed comfortable interactions, this wasn’t that. It was still nice to see her and her friend on the trail. They’re both great people, and I miss being part of their lives.

The trail was crowded with 50/50 nice people, and stuffy people. I guess I’ve gotten used to my weekday morning hikes, or middle of the night hikes where there’s no one on the trail but me. I guess I’m greedy that way “This is my trail, this is MY therapy, this is my place to get my self sorted out”. Selfish I know, but tough shit, I’ll be a better person for every one if I can get through this journey alive.

Here are the images again, and although I did edit a few of them, the majority are as they came out of my camera.