Someone’s Own “Private” Idaho

While we were up to my mom’s in Pocatello, I drug Indy along with me to play with my new camera (Pentax K100D Super) and take some pictures on an old abandoned farm down the road from my mom’s neighborhood. It was “obviously” private, but I wasn’t going to touch anything or vandalize, I wanted to get some pictures of old equipment, views, and architecture.

After Indy and me had walked around looking things over and snapping a few pictures, I set up the tripod and set us up for a quick portrait. Not sooner had I snapped the tripod open and aimed the camera, Johnny Law rolled up on my car. The portrait of Indy and me has a mix of poor lighting, awkward expressions, and urgency. As soon as the shutter snapped, we trotted down to confront the officer.

He was just checking on why there was a car pulled off to the side of the road. After I explained to him what we were doing, and showed him a few pictures, he reminded me that it was private property. So basically, I encouraged my son to follow in my trespassing lifestyle :).

Here is a quick upload of all the pictures I took. I haven’t sorted them, some are terrible, some are okay, I don’t feel any of them are great.