Sky Candy, a Dead Fish, and Healing

Something I learned to appreciate and cherish over the last few years are sunsets. I took a long lunch, ran out to Willard Bay and stole the last glimpses of sunshine with my time machine.

Something you take for granted (at least I used to), are the special things you learn to notice form people in your life. In this case, it is sunsets (well, compassion, tenacity, forgiveness, strength, and kindness too, but right now, we’re only talking about the passion for sunsets, also known as Sky Candy). Unique every afternoon, sunsets are never the same twice. Sometimes they are a pastel of color from the horizon, to the darkening sky above. Sometimes the clouds are just right, and it comes at you in colorful layers. The evening I took these, the sunset wasn’t incredible. It was average as sunsets go, but being in the present, being aware of the now, not the past or future, but the NOW, I was able to concentrate, and capture the light, kayakers, and interesting ways to use bokeh to blur the sunset into a glowing orange background to clearly focused leaves of the trees.

This was one of the first times I went out to take another step in my journey, and came away with a warm feeling inside. Sometimes when I go out, I come home with the pain of memories past, a bucket of “I wish I had” or “I shouldn’t have”, but this night, I came home “okay” with where I am at in the process of my journey. Traveling the journey has good days and bad. There are some bad days ahead, some good days ahead, but this night, “the right now” of this moment, I was good, I was happy, and I was full of life.

I really enjoyed this outing. The smells weren’t great, but the feelings I was getting were nice, they were healthy, and they were healing. Taking pictures is healing for me, but this night, I went to bed hopeful, comfortable, and content with the way things were with out worrying about the past. I had a glimpse of forgiveness for myself, and I was in the now (Being “present” is one of the biggest things I’m working on in myself).