Up, Down, Up Again

I kind of figured out something to discuss with my shrink on Friday. I wake up pretty good, spend the day all messed up, and end my day feeling pretty good. It’s a frustrating situation. I sent a video to a friend today when I was in the middle of one of my low points, I’m pretty embarrassed about it. I honestly don’t know. Emotional, anxiety, depression, can all go please them self manually.

On a different kind of sad note, my friend has a cousin that was in a bad motorcycle accident last month. Their cousin is close to her same age, and they were pretty close. The cousin’s boyfriend was operating the motorcycle, and was in a coma until about a week ago. He is devastated. I can not imagine the pain, guilt, and inner turmoil he is experiencing. My friend says he is hurting emotionally to an unimaginable extent. I hurt for them, I hurt for my friend, and I hope so much that her cousin and her boyfriend recover from this devastating accident. I hurt inside at the emotions that must be swirling around the family, friends, and everyone involved.

I thought about them a lot while I was on my photo walk about. Life is pretty fragile when you think about it. How quickly it can slip away, or a horrible accident like this could happen, and your life is changed for ever.

Best wishes to my friends cousin, and if I could hug my friend right now I would. Live every day your best, soak in every moment, and tell those you love, how you feel. ~me