Cache Valley Cruise In Pt. 2

Today was mostly dogs. Sure there were a triplet of convicts and way WAY W.A.Y. too many cookie cutter general motors vehicles, but there were DOGS! Big dogs, little dogs, mean dogs, shy dogs, and mean dogs. I took as many pictures as I dared, but there were so many dogs. The couple that parked their “pontiac” (made by general motors) next to us have a hat trick of Corgis. Very trained, very sweet, and very smart. I feel bad for them that they are forced to ride in that “car” but they did also have a little Beetle with a roof rack so they may occasionally get a decent ride.

There was also a sweet “looking” Pittie, but he did not like to have his picture taken. I snagged one okay picture of him, but I wasn’t about to reach out and pet him. The little Doberman Pincer looked very sweet, and her owner had let her drag a “favorite” rock up from the creek. Her owner said she’d defend her favorite rock with her teeth, but I get the feeling she would probably just push me away to show me her favorite rock. I should have taken more pictures of her.

We wandered around the swap meet a little, but there weren’t really many things that caught my eye. A few classic toys, the occasional old “looking” sign, and a few dogs. Unfortunately one of them was a little angry, and the other loved pets LOTS, and liked getting his picture taken very little. I’ll try again next time I see him, my mom would really appreciate it (he is a Chitchew – how ever you spell that word).

Normally most of the cars I like through out my life aren’t that popular at car shows. Full size Fords, Mercurys, 2 Wheel Drive Pickups that aren’t made by general motors. It is always fun to see old International pick-ups, Scouts, and the really rare AMC cars. I have yet to see an Ambassador (one of the first cars I remember my grandparents having), and it would be crazy to see another “67 Comet 202. I have seen the occasional Comet, but they’re rarely “66 or “67, and they’re never a 202. Maybe one day.

The 1957 Ford Fairlane is one of my all time favorites (1955-1957 are all some of the best looking years). We walked pasted a few of them, and I snapped away. Even with my polarizer filter I couldn’t get the reflections to let me see inside one of the Fairlanes so I could show the instrument cluster and shifter better. I really liked it because it was an FE 4 speed car. Hopefully a lot of fun to drive (at least as scary as my Comet).

Two different 1957 Ford Fairlanes

The dogs though, so many good dogs (no cat’s unfortunately).

Then, finally, I decided to steal some random light waves of random objects, things ,and angles. The old toys were fun to take pictures of. I would love to practice taking these kinds of pictures in the future, maybe tomorrow I’ll take more random pictures.

Tomorrow is going to be even hotter, so we’ll see if I can stay coherent. I need to invent an air-conditioned gazebo for hanging out at car show. I wonder if you can still buy those 100 lb blocks of ice. I could sit on that until my ass was frost bit, and maybe that’d keep me cool enough to function. I’m such a pansy.

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