Kokanee Skullcrack Trail

Today’s hike was my first with these guys (Utah Outdoors). Great bunch of people, the host was patient, stopped to explain specific parts of the view,or trial. We turned around at a pool that had small Salmon spawning up river. Needless to say, lot of dead fish, lots of live fish, and a little part of Utah I didn’t know existed.

The hike was pretty far, but even towards the end, I was still running up the trail to catch up. We lollygagged too long at one point, and lost track of the “pack”. I ran up the trail to see which way we were supposed to go at the fork, ended up running back, taking the lower fork, crossing a sketchy plank “bridge”, fond our pack on the other side of the river where we were going to end up had we stayed on the top, and it all ended up well (and I got some trail jogging in). One of my most enjoyable hikes since I got back into it.

After the hike, we stopped by “The Shooting Star Saloon“. Wonderful burgers, good beer, and great prices. I really liked this old place, and hope I get to go back some day.

The hike wasn’t very difficult, it was right at my threshold for my foot (My nerve gets pissed off after about 5 or 6 miles). The MeetUp for this hike was called “Kokanee Skullcrack Trail” so that’s what I put in AllTrails.

Tomorrow morning’s hike is Malan’s Peak again (I did this on Labor day, and about killed myself). I’m really looking forward to it, the people in these groups have been wonderful, and who doesn’t want an adult beverage at the peak (not sure what I’ll bring since I have to run to work after we get down)? Hopefully I can get it posted before work, but tomorrow will be a time crunch for sure.

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