Ogden Has the Force!

When you’re dating someone that has a passing interest in all things Star Wars, you let her choose the Saturday afternoon activities. Here we go, and it was really fun. A Star Wars themed bizarre this week. Last time it was a 90’s theme and next time, who knows, but it’ll be fun.

Picking on the bad guys!

There were the normal booths that are at most of these events, but there were also a couple new ones (or some that I just missed last time. I bought a piece of art work and a t-shirt for Lofi Hiking (because I always need another t-shirt).

Mixed in with the Star Wars theme, were a few folks putting reminders, messages, and volunteer opportunities. This booth has a very sales savvy young man. He walked up to us a few booths away, and started his sales pitch. Ran into his dad on the way out and complimented him on is son’s salesman abilities.

Since the Marshal White Center is only about 2 blocks away, it is a nice stroll to attend what ever event they’re having. Along the way, I have a habit of taking pictures of plants n shit. Here are a few of the tree things I saw on the way home.

I’ve really enjoyed living in Ogden. As unsure as me and those around me were of living here, it has turned out to be a really great neighborhood. My neighbors are all friendly, and good people, and Ogden is doing pretty well. There are art things to see, restaurants to taste, a few nice places to get a drink, and mountains looking over us.

I hope where ever you all are, it is safe, comfortable, and capable of adventure.


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