Sand Puppies, and Long Thoughts

I think the hike I did tonight may end up being my de-facto hike for processing thoughts, and decompressing emotions. The hike is just hard enough I get a little heavy breathing going, a little bit of sweat, and long enough there’s plenty of time to think and process.

About half way or so, there’s a bench on a rocky outcrop. One side is high up, high enough you can dangle your feet and swing them like a little kid. The other side, is pretty normal, and you can just relax.

Tonight I needed regular, sit and think, feet on the ground park bench therapy. I tend to think of thinks like a mechanical device. Tonight I just needed to check in with myself. Run a simple diagnostic check on where I was. There are some choices sitting on my plate, and they’re both wonderful, but they’re also both very different directions. There was no answer sitting on the bench on the edge of a rocky outcrop.

The only pictures I took, were a selfie when I headed up, and a few pictures of the “Sand Puppy” that I caught in my headlamp (ended up seeing about 10 of them). It has been 45 years or so since I had seen one. I was resigned to thinking it was a childhood exaggeration in my mind. I was pleasantly surprised to see one in real life, alive, and one of them was not impressed with my attempts at seeing if it was alive (I don’t know if they sting or not, but its ass was doing all it could to end my poker’s life).

A pretty pointless post, a few strange pictures, and no epic climax on monumental break through. Just a wonderful hike, peaceful rest, and some introspective.

Just some video while I was hiking through the trees