Last Farmer’s Market o’The Summer

I’ve been pretty much down for the count sick since Labor day (off and on, than on hard). Nothing serious, just a cough that about makes me puke, aches, no energy, and in the beginning my ear and throat were hell on fire. Let the nurse practitioner dig a q-tip up my nose hole, and drag another one across my tonsils but they came back “normal”. After picking up and dropping a few pills down the hatch, I felt so much better. I can still feel my energy fall off a cliff after about an hour, but the cough is “random” now, and my body doesn’t hurt anymore than it should at 54 years old.

Today I was apprehensive about going 3 blocks down the road to the Farmer’s Market but it wasn’t too bad. The walk there and back wasn’t terrible but the sun and sweltering 75* was about the death of me (seriously, I didn’t feel good at all once the sun started penetrating my clearly transparent epidermis).

I brought my newly refreshed Mountain Smith lumbar bag (AKA Hiking Fanny Pack on steroids, and so much thank you to my cousin Jana for sending it out to get repaired and refreshed for me), my Pentax K1 Mkii with new firmware installed (2.30 at this time), my 15mm Irix lens, and my Pentax FD A 28-105 lens so I could steal some images of DOGS! We also brought Indy, and Maynard (he’s a really good travel cat).

Not a ton to say. It was a pleasant morning, the crowd was pretty slim because the Peach Day’s car show is today, and not as many vendors as usual were there. Good for me, bad for business I guess?

Here are the images. I really didn’t edit them much. A few were cropped a little because when you take pictures of dogs, you also get a lot of pictures of peoples butts.

A little more rest, and I think I’ll be back to 75% ~me

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