Summer Ogden Melting Market

Ogden Farmer’s Market in early September is great training for living in the Sarah Desert cuz HOT!

I didn’t take a ton of images because HOT. Jamie snagged some fresh goodness for dinner tonight, and a little bit’o flavored Honey for me too. Deliciousness is to be had later for sure.

A bunch of dogs were there, but more and more bending or kneeling down to take the pictures hurts more than it’s worth (so much hurt). I did snag a picture of a cute little girl hammering away on the Ivories. Mostly, I just enjoyed people watching, seeing the poor puppies walking around on the gazillion degree heat asphalt, and dodging distracted people like a video game (there are some real navigationaly handicapped people out there).

It was a really hot walk, felt nice to get moving, but we’ll probably wait till fall before we venture outside again.

Support your locals, get to know your neighbors, and don’t walk your dogs on hot asphalt in the middle of the day in the summer. ~me

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