1st Ogden’s Farmer’s Market

This wasn’t the first Farmer’s Market of 2022 here in Ogden, but it was our first. Lots of people, lots of digs, and way too many ways to part with your money.

I snagged a few records from Lavender Vinyl, Jamie found a dress with pockets, I got a few water color things for Indy and Charlotte to paint, and we sipped some cold coffee while we hugged the shaded areas.

25th Street is a fun eclectic street here in Ogden. It’s a mix of old, new, funky, hipster, and independent. There’s a new structure going up right when you walk around the corner off Wall Ave that doesn’t have me smiling. It looks to be huge, commercial, and out of place. We’ll see, but I have my suspicions that it’s a mega apartment complex. I understand the need for places to live, but shouldn’t you add housing to places that can support the traffic? There’s a Front-runner station not far away, but parking is limited (and Ogden is making waves about charging for street parking), and there are a few recent additions to apartment style housing that just went up around my house (yes, traffic sucks, and it’s getting worse). I need a small town, with an aversion to growth, that has the amenities I need, prices I can afford, and people that aren’t soaked in the punch.

Oh my, that soap box got wobbly there at the end. Here are a few pictures of a couple bands that were playing. I REALLY liked the vibe of today’s Farmer’s Market. Mellow, smooth, and a little grungy.

One of the following is not like the other (and the little shit would NOT look at me). The other two are just interesting takes on horses that are spread all over the place down town. I love the art feel of 25th Street.

Last week, I was talking to my sister while we were wondering around Pocatello, and I told her taking pictures of dog’s is difficult because along with the dog’s adorable face, you also get people’s asses, crotches, and dirty knee-caps (wonder what they were doing back behind that dirty dumpster of love?). I saw so many dogs here today, I really REALLY wanted to take their pictures, but I wasn’t in the mood to dodge nuts and butts, and my back is an unhappy camper these days (especially bending over, and standing back up). So, not a lot of animal pictures, but there was a Donut shop at the end of the row! (and the rest of the pictures are out of order, and hold no place in this story except I took the pictures).

Finally, a few pictures of things just because I liked the composition of them, wanted to see if I liked them, and they seemed interesting to me (photography is as much for the photographer as the random viewer after all).

Thanks for taking the time to see what I saw. We also stepped into Lavender Vinyl for some Vinyl LPs, and snagged a nice cold caffeinated beverage before heading home. I HIGHLY suggest you support your local folks. The big online stuff is great (and I use them a LOT), but your community needs your funds too.


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