Happy Jesus Werewolf Day!

Full moon Easter weekend and a hike on Easter day.

Initially we tried to go walk/hike/trek up the Rainbow Garden’s Trail (AKA Bird Song Trail), but there was still a little too much snow on there, and it had washed out in places (still snow hahahah, shit, it snowed about 8″ in the valley just last week).

Speaking of lots of snow, it made for some loud, rambunctious, river rapids. I took a quick video with the new camera I’ll post on here. I’m not sure how it’ll play, but on the computer it plays well.

Quick panning video of the Weber river rollin’ towards town.

I gave Jamie the Pentax K3 ii and my Sigma 28-200 lens (one of my favorites). We’ll get her images processed and up as soon as we get to it. Taking the pictures with a camera is only half of the process. Once you’ve taken the pictures, you’ve got to post process them and weed out the junk, brighten up the dark ones, and crop your mistakes out.

It was a very peopley walk today. We ended up going around 3 and a half miles all told. I can feel my lack of hiking in about all the joints around the old body. It was good to get out and enjoy some fun sun, annoying people on bicycles, and ass hats walking in front of you as you’re taking pictures then snickering as he walked by (mind you, he was walking behind me until he saw me put my camera to my face – ass hat). Lots and lots of really nice dogs walking around, but my lens is manual and I didn’t want to experience that struggle today (and my knees didn’t feel like they would enjoy the process either).

I got to play with some aperture vs shutter speed tests with the running water. Normally on such a bright day, it is pretty difficult to get a nice blurred water sharp trees image, but I had the polarizer filter on, and it was just dark enough it let me slow the shutter down quite a bit. Getting the images to focus was trial and error too (manual focus lens).

Anyhow, here are the pictures, I half hardheartedly picked through them so there shouldn’t be any real junk images, but if there are, oh well.

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