Walkin’ the River

Jamie and myself went strollin’ up from Washington and the Ogden/Weber river to see the sights. That river is just about to burst the banks.

I through a few images down my camera and took a few notes so I can maybe take a few better next year. There were a bunch of families, and couples following our lead and walking around the banks of the river. It was so so nice out (high 50’s low 60’s and the sun was out just enough that maybe my single digit vitamin D levels will creep up a little bit more.

Anyhow, the last time I was in this area was with the Ogden Plikers. It’s a group of hiker/cleaner uppers that take a morning and walk a trail with pincers, a bag, and gloves to clean things up. We were going to go meet them this morning, but “sleepy, and mid 30’s” whowed our plans. Instead we suffered through another race at Talladega then went for a riverside stroll (on the Ogden River Walk Trail) starting at the Ogden sign over Washington boulevard on up until we hit a neighborhood.

Here’s a few images to kick it off:

I postulate that this branch, is the reason this river is flowing so briskly. In a previous life, this branch was probably a team member on a Crew team. Gravity and 800 inches of snow melt has nothing to do with it.

After giggling at the waving branch, and trying to figure out where the duck was (Jamie pointed it out, I had to take a few pictures before I saw it).

Once we started walking up the path and it seemed that with every bridge we got to, the water was closer to “takin’ r’out”. It was difficult to get a good picture (the gray skies, and no real colors waking up from winter yet). I found a few new buds, and tried to get the new camera and lens to play nice, but it wasn’t pretty.

When I first got back into photography and getting outside with my camera, it seemed that every single trail some kind of red berry on it. I would take a picture of said berry, and experiment with clarity of the berry, and boleh of the background. Sometimes it was all blurr, and sometimes you could actually get a sense of what was there along the path. Anyhow, up there are the first “Berry Pictures”, below are the first images I feel captured the feel of a berry picture, but they weren’t’ berrys. Oh, and I got the water to blurry with out blurring my entire picture.

I think a few of these turned out pretty well for technicality, but not so good for ascetics. Today’s light was one of the horrors of photography. Everything comes out gray and monotone even when you feel like you see colors when looking around.

And finally, just a few randoms from the last 100 yard of our walk or so. I was happy to feel the sun on my face, get out on a walk with my girlfriend, and see some of this record setting snowfall melt its way down to the Great Salt Lake and Utah lake (I’m not really sure where it ends up, and if it is the Ogden River or the Weber River let alone where they end up).

With that I bid you all farewell until next time. Hopefully this spring brings you some sunshine, good feels, and you learn something new that you’ve always wanted to learn (I’d like to learn how to use OnShape, Blender, or how to use my DSLR with my big Telescope).