Dusk in Riverdale

We drug our buts out to walk around last night, it was a grey evening. We were late for “golden hour”, it was a little bit dark, but you would never know it by the images alone. Cameras (phones included) try to compensate for low light so images often look much brighter than it was when the image was taken. Needless to say, it was a LOT darker than the images reveal.

It was also not a very exciting environment for images. None I took had any feeling of a keeper, and weren’t interesting to me at all.

We walked a little bit of the Continental trail in Riverdale. This trail goes for quite a long ways. I hadn’t tried this part, so that was a nice new experience. If you kept going East it takes you along highway 84, if you go West it will take you into Ogden, under 31st street.

Here are the images I took (including Jamie’s treat after the walk – milk shakes from Sonic!).

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