Honesty Brought Peace, and a Friend Brought Beer

Welcome to the weekend, it’s been a very up and down week (mostly downs with large quantities of anxiety), but with Saturday’eve, came some much needed answers laced with kind words, and a cold beer with a friend. This morning, we headed up to Icebox Canyon to walk around a bit, take a few pictures, and search for a chirping bird only to find out it was a squirrel devouring his nuts.

Really don’t want to say much today other than a friend I was fussing over gave me a start, then clarified why, and I can’t thank them enough for the patience, kindness, and gentle way that the details were given to me. There will never be a lack of love, respect, and appreciation for that person.

Yesterday, after I was finished falling apart, I contacted my friend to see where he’d wanna go hiking (Saturday). He was open to about anywhere, we decided to discuss it on my front porch, and he brought over a few beers. We chilled on my porch, we people watched (if anyone knows where I live, people watching is incredible), we talked about our issues back and forth, we sipped our beer, then settled in to find a trail to hike. The rest is history I guess.

Sometimes the best medicine is to be open, truthful, and deliver it with all the tact you can muster. I am a very lucky person in how I was handed the details to so many questions I have asked over the last few weeks. I had worked myself into an absolutely anxiety laden pit of despair thinking I had done something to hurt them, or made them angry, or overstepped a boundary we hadn’t talked about yet. The way I was handed an explanation could not have been more kind, respectful, compassionate, and healthy. The people they’ve touched, will never be the same, in all the best ways.

One thing that is on my top 10 things I really enjoy about hiking, it the dogs! I pet every damn mutt that I pass (depends on the owners of course, some of them people are nuckin’ futs!).

Friendship is helpful at all levels. From an old military buddy that knows parts of how life was no one else will, to a friend that was once taken for granted, treated poorly, and ignored yet still forgave you, there are so many levels of friendship, I am a very lucky person to call a few special humans my friend.

Enjoy the day.