Limber Pine Trail

Today’s trail is provided to you by lunch at the Forest Ranger’s parking lot, and Limber Pine Trail. A quick (and beautiful) 15 minute drive up Logan canyon. I forgot to shut AllTrails off before we drove to the visitors center after our hike (Better toilets). So the route is a little weird looking on the web site. It is actually a bit less than a mile and a half. Such nice weather, skies looked amazing, there were people with dogs all along the way (many owners sounded like they just needed someone to talk to). If I were to go back, I would slow down a little and read all the placards they had.

This was my first hike with someone that wasn’t family or a long time friend. What was planned for a couple hour day turned into a 6 plus hour day. I mostly listened, payed attention to how I answered, listened to my mind as I listened, and didn’t speak unless it was helpful to the conversation. It was a conscious effort to set my words aside, and listen to the words of someone I didn’t know. Maybe I’ve made a new hiking friend, or maybe I just had an experience of hiking with a stranger. Time will tell, but it was a really good day regardless. Did I mention LOTS OF DOGS!?

For anyone that enjoys hiking, and travels through Logan, or maybe attends Utah State, I highly suggest getting out and exploring some of the trails. From one end of the valley to the other, there are trails for all fitness levels, skill levels, and there’s always one to fill what ever need you have.

(Clarification/Side Note: YES, we are hiking friends. There was no spark, just a common enjoyment of hiking, talking, and snacking on road trip food at a picnic table).

Saying yes when you would normally say no can open the doors to a nurturing experience ~me