Whoa (N)ALLY What Do I Do?

This hike was quite a bit different than my normal hikes. Tonight I wasn’t in my head, working through an issue I was dealing with, guilt I was working on forgiving myself for, and I wasn’t hiking to get a circular thought out of my mind.

Tonight, I was thinking about being in the dating world again. The people I’ve met, and the people that have already made a difference in how I view being back in the dating world. I’ve had some strange moments, some difficult moments, and some wonderful moments. I’ve talked to people that desperately need a hug, some that need a swift kick in their ass, and some that are sailing the same seas as me.

It is really hard not to have a favorite when you’re out here meeting people and arranging a date. The best relationship I was ever apart of started out with me being “pretty much her favorite”. To this day, that sentence rings in my ears, rings in my heart, and brings the frog high up in my throat. I look forward to the day I can say that to someone, and experience the safety of knowing I’m their favorite too. When I was pretty much her favorite, she had several dates already lined up before me. I sat patiently and waited for her to finish going on those dates, tried to keep a positive attitude, and did my best not to let it bother me. To this day, there’s a pretty deep sting when I think about waiting to see if I would be chosen. I have no regrets for waiting for her, because she taught me so much about what I’m looking for in a relationship now. Mixing that with what I’ve went through over the last few months, and I have positive hopes that my person is just around the corner, waiting for me to figure out how to find them, waiting for my to tell them “They’re pretty much my favorite”.

Tonight was pretty sparse on pictures (compared to normal). I really enjoyed this hike, didn’t quite go all the way up the canyon (it’s pretty deep, and it was getting harder and harder to find the path), so I cut my losses and headed back down to finish the loop.

It is called “Jump Off Canyon“. I guess because it looks like you could jump off any of the sides, and meet your demise pretty easily. Regardless, I wouldn’t want to do this hike mid day, but early morning, or late at night like I did, it was a lot of fun.

I’ve got a hike in Perry in about 6 hours, so I need to get this posted, and hustle my butt to bed. I also forgot to tell someone I made it home safe, I’m sorry. Pastry’s are on me, and it’s okay if you’re not all that and a bag of chips, no one can be George Strait all the time.

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