Sunset Trip Home

Ran home right at sunset today, and I felt it presented a wonderful opportunity to drag my new camera out, and hammer down on the shutter button a few times.

I am REALLY glad this isn’t a film camera, because “most” of these images were practically black. I totally forgot that I had the camera on Aperture priority, and after a few very black images, I remembered which wheel to spin and the images got better (Fixed them right up in Darktable though, so no worries).

I’ve got a proper lens coming from Japan (might be here early March, but who knows). Until then, I’m using my newest fave an older 24-40mm Tokina AT-X. I really enjoy this lens (manual-focus and all) because it can widen up and show you a lot of landscape, or close down to just a few things you’re trying to emphasize (I failed miserably at this tonight, so I cropped the SHIT out of my images).

I was able to crop the living shit out of my images because this camera is a 24 mega pixel kit, and that allows you to crop down quite a bit before it goes pixel city on you. It also helps a LOT that I shoot in RAW format, and can draw from that as I edit the images for what I lack in camera control.

Here are all the pictures I deemed acceptable. None of them “got me” but there are a few that show just how crazy the sun looked as it burned through the clouds over the Great Salt Lake.

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