Dropped it off..

I dropped my Flex off at the body shop, and wondered home the long way (I went up and down the streets on the walk home). Took a few pictures, and just enjoyed the morning (I don’t normally get up on a weekday before 10 because “nights”).

Not a lot of good photo opportunities, but there were a few places that caught my eye. Mostly, I just like using my “new to me” camera and messing with the settings. It’s also got GPS so the EXIF data will show the coordinates of where the picture was taken (a HUGE reason I choose this camera, it’ll be nice to see where the picture was taken).

Not a lot else to say, dropped the car off, pulled my camera out, and headed home. These are the results.

Doesn’t really matter where you life, there’s always shit to take pictures of. I remember taking pictures of everything as a kid, with my small box camera (film, mind you), I took pictures of all kinds of things. I still run across those pictures from time to time. They’re not good pictures, but they’ve got memories intertwined, and I enjoy seeing the the image brings.

I hope that some of the pictures I show inspire the people that see these to look at things around them differently. Sometimes function over form still results in an interesting image if you look at it differently. ~me

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