Spring Walk and Dinner!

Walked to 25th street with Jamie, and she got me dinner at Craft Burger! Delicious French dip (minus the Horse Radish that I forgot to say “no” to). Took a few pictures, but I was a little too lazy to pack my bag and bring my tripod so I had to bump the ISO into grainy, and couldn’t take long exposure pictures.

Before we went to the Craft Burger, we walked down, and up 25th real quick. This little dog was a wonderful model, but after I took it’s picture, it wasn’t about to let me pet it (I got a good view of its teeth).

These are from Craft Burger’s ceiling light. Slow your ISO, speed up your shutter, and it turns a common lamp into a dark art.

Enjoying photography makes your eye wonder in different ways than when you’re not thinking like a camera. If you zoom in or use “macro” even the mundane can be interesting. When I made the element of the light bulb the focus of where I metered the light, the coils become interesting, but when I metered the general brightness of the light, the reflections become the focus of attention. I really enjoy playing with the composition like this.

After we had dinner (thank you babe), we walked up 25th and back to my house (I live 3 blocks away). It was getting dark quickly, so the remaining pictures gradually loose focus as the shutter speeds got longer, the ISO got higher, and my shaky hand becomes more evident.

Played with the camera a little more when I “thought” the sunset was going to “work” but it came out looking like a blue cloudy sky, and bright hole above the street. Not great, but I did enjoy messing with the delays and such.

That’s it for the images I took on my dinner date. It was a nice evening, I really enjoyed the walk, and the spring weather (Spring is my favorite, you weirdo’s can enjoy your Fall leaf death and “crisp” evenings).

Take care, I’m off to bed.


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