A Whale in Salt Lake City!?

You read that right, there’s a WHALE in Salt Lake City, UT! Right there on/near 9th and 11th, a round-a-bout with a colorful whale sticking right there out of the ground! Oh, and GNOMES!

Whale in Utah!
Look at that belly! WEEEEE! (A whale’s belly has ridges to expand when filtering out sea water)

I know the colors, brightness, and focus aren’t all that and a bag of chips with these pictures, but they are absolutely fun, and I think so far they are some of the most enjoyable for me to look at. I was in a little hurry because I left my camera’s extra batteries at home next to the charger. So my camera doesn’t have a ton of battery left, and I was hurrying a little to get in a few fun images before my camera went tits up.

I find this and other pieces of nonsensical art to be fun, entertaining, and beautiful. Some people have objected strongly to these installations (There’s another “similar” piece of art down in St. George, UT). As a fan of Portland Oregon, I really enjoy being in, and around weird parts of town, strange fun parts of a city, and of course, unique and light hearted pieces of art strewn about for people to discover.

Not much more to say about this set of images, I just really enjoy them, they feel fun, and the GNOMES!

For those that get their panties in a wad over nonsensical art in public places, phuque off and lighten up. Pull your head out of your close minded ignorant ass and let people enjoy some creativity even if it isn’t “your” idea of creativity. ~me

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