Pepper the DIVA!

So tinkering with my 50mm (Nifty Fifty) lens after receiving a hood for it, I thought “Oh Pepper, I haven’t taken a lot of pictures of her” and started trying to get her to participate.

These are the results. Usually blurry because “slow shutter speed with cat that does NOT want to participate” leads to blurry images, and zero contrast (she’s a muted calico so, that is a thing too).

Here she is, trying the steal a little sunshine, watching the road from between houses, looking as pretentious and detached from her humans as ever.

And that my friends, is our cat “Peppermint Patty” aka Pepper, Pepperoni, Pepper Stinky, Shitty Cat, and previously known as “Princess Monster Truck”.

If she’s lovey, she wants something, it’s as simple as that.

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