Oh My! So Much Water!

We ventured out to Fort Buenaventura State Park (Ogden’s hidden little camping, trailing, pic-nicking, spot) after trying to wonder around a trail I frequented a few years ago. It was very flooded to say the least (First few pictures are from that attempt).

I almost bought a house that was about 100 yards from the entrance to the Fort area. Little did I know, I almost bought a house that would have been too fun from the front porch to the back yard. Behind that house is a paved trail that goes up to Fort Buenaventura park or out the front door, and across the street you’re walking down the road to enter the Fort grounds.

Where we tried to start at first was one of the trail heads in an odd spot that allows you to join the “Continental Trail” (I think). I did this one a few years ago, but at night. There’s an entirely different world out there if you go at night. Some places I see during the day and they are borderline boring, and other spots feel like an accident waiting to happen. This is one of those trail heads. “Is this a Hobo hangout from the trains a few feet away, or is this a garbage drop off for vagabonds”?. Neither, it is just a little trail head, just outside of town, with just enough parking for just a few vehicles, and a jag-off with a “Bro-Truck”.

Here are a few images I took at the trial head, and some of the train “stuff” just above the parking area.

Off we went to see what Fort Benavadoodoo was (I can NOT spell that to save my life).

We parked in the wrong parking lot, but it let us take a shadow selfie “Hello everybody”.

Hello Everybody!

Down the trail we went (actual trail, with dirt and everything).

I had zero knowledge of this place. There’s a tourist place, frizbee golf, camping sites for groups (like businesses it sounded like), and a few historical places to check out (all of them were protected with deep snow runoff from the Wasatch mountains above).

Here are the images I think turned out informative, interesting, or well.

We could see where the water was MUCH higher (We did pass a few signs that said “Closed/Do Not Enter” but I was feeling like a Karen so….).

I hope this little park comes to life later in the summer (It’s going to get worse before it gets better because – RECORD snowfall up there in the hills).

This kid is off to take a shower and go to sleep because tired.

Have a great day, night, morning, week, month or what ever you need to have a good one of.


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