Silver Cliff Colorado

I am not as informed as I could be about my grandmother’s side of the family. My dad’s mother (Grandma Jo) passed away in 1999. She was an integral part of her family’s life in ways none of knew until she was gone. She was our biggest fan when it came to education and life experiences (hiking, learning about plants, bugs, animals, and following your interests).

While we were in Pueblo Colorado for Indy’s graduation, we couldn’t help the opportunity to drive up to Silver Cliff Colorado and see my grandma’s grave site.

Even in a packed car that barely had enough horsepower to get us up the mountains it was a really nice drive (I do NOT suggest driving a 2017 Subaru Outback with the base engine up any mountains when it is full of adults).

After we wondered around the cemetery, talked about where all the other Turner’s fell into the grand family of things, I wondered off and tried to shoot some deer.

Finally, we ran across town and found Ruthe’s house (Guess, it could be called “The Turner’s House” because it is older than dirt, it is kind of a DeFacto Turner hangout with an open invitation, and the town pretty much knows that one of the Turner kids will be hanging around eventually. A neighbor named “Joe” came swinging by while we were hiding from the sun on the back porch. Good guy, took some pictures, cracked some jokes, and talked about life in Silvercliff.

I haven’t been up into that part of Colorado since I was a little kid. We went into Victor Colorado when I was a kid and looked at some of the places my grandparents lived and hung out. We didn’t have a chnnce to run up there this trip, but we did get to keep on going onto Biship’s Castle.

Colorado is one of my favorite states. I just wish people would realize that MOST of the state is flat desert, not the Rocky Mountains that everyone thinks of when they think of Colorado. If you want nontop mountains head on over to Utah.

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