1st Night Hike of 2023

It has been quite a while since I climbed around in the hills above my house at night. After wondering around out there tonight, I realize, I need more of that stuff. I drug my new camera, and my new-to-me lens along with me, and played around with 30 second exposures and relearning what mountain night air smelled like.

This is out of order, but it is a very good example of why my new camera is a beast. It is difficult to explain to someone with a good cell phone, why photography with a professional level camera is different than with a quality cell phone. One of the obvious is the sensor size. For instance, the sensor in a cell phone is about the size of a postage stamp folded in half, and half again. The sensor on a full frame camera is the same as the frame on 35mm film, or a little bigger than a postage stamp. These two images, are the same image. I duplicated it in Darktable, and cropped it in so you can see the mountain bike headlights on the mountain, and the deer eating their nightly what knots. This camera is friggin’ amazing! I love me some Pentax photography.

Click on the images so you can zoom in. Them friggin’ deer are freaky ass shit at night (Their eyes reflect back the same color you are shining them with. I was hiking with a red light, and they were glowing red).

Not a ton to talk about really. I didn’t realize I needed one of my old walk around trips until I took this one tonight. I think I will try to do some more after work before our trip to Pueblo. The anxiety about that trip has me in all kinds of knots (Those who know, know).

Here is a dump of the images. So much fun doing night photography. Crazy weird using a 15mm lens (Basically a fish-eye super wide angle). You can really tell on the Ogden High School images (Those are first).

I hope someone enjoys seeing the images I enjoy taking. Someday I will have to hunker down and nit pick them harder until I have a few great ones instead of a bunch of images I enjoyed taking regardless of how they turned out.

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