29th Street Loop w/Indy!

Tonight (Last night actually) after I got off work, I zipped home, gathered the photography goodies with Indy, and we ventured off to the top of 29th street to get our hike on.

The hike I choose was my basic, relaxing, thinking, hike. A simple loop that I never thought of as difficult at all. It used to take me ~90 minutes to complete including stopping for pictures, and sitting to contemplate life. Last night we took 2 hours, and hiked a total of 1 hour or so. It was NOT as easy as I remembered it. It is pretty exhausting on the way up, then you’re smooth sailing the rest of the way back to the parking area.

Anyhow, it was so so nice to go hiking with my kid, and show him that spider’s eyes DO light up at night when your head lamp hits them. We found one sand baby (big bug that looks like a fat ant) but it was just a baby. Nice hike, lots of bugs, but overall it was refreshing to get out and move.

Here are the images I took, if I can get a hold of Indy’s I’ll toss them in here or write a post for them.

I have a hard time expressing how much hiking can refresh the mind, help the body, and bring families closer together. I’ve hiked with Dayton and Indy now. C’mon Charlotte we’re bout to go hiking!

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