Pueblo Reservoir/Liberty Point Memorial

About a mile down the road from our AirBnB is a point called “Liberty Point Memorial”. Jamie and I wondered on down the road just before sunset to steal some light, and get a walk in. It was nice to get moving after a few days of being lazy bones (aka driving, eating, and sleeping).

I took way to many pictures of the same thing hoping to catch that one spot of sunset that looked most amazing. I used my Pentax FDA 28-105 lens, and my K1 mark ii. The first few pictures (you can tell because they’re obviously distorted from the ultra wide angle) were taken with my Irix 15mm Firefly.

The morning we got up there was a bunch of fun fun fog! Here’s the morning we got up.

Off to walk down to the monument and sneak some sunset pictures I took a couple random images with that fun crazy wide angle lens.

I took WAY too many images here. I tried different things to try and balance the ground with the clouds and the light but one of the other just didn’t go as I hoped. Some are really nice with the clouds and sky, others have good color, and other’s the sky is blown out, but the ground (boring desert bland here) is detailed and clear.

I’m not sure what to say or how to organize this bunch. Click the pic and it’ll take you to the full size image. You can zoom in from there and see more detail. Some of the later ones I caught some cars driving on the road below. Pretty decent headlight streaks in the 3-10 second exposure times.

When we got home, Indy was hard at work figuring out his camera (I gave him my K10D and a few lenses). Hopefully we’ll have time to take some photos together before I leave, and if not, hopefully we’ll be able to take some images together this summer.

More to come, have a great day and see you in a bit.

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