Looking Back to Last Summer

While sitting at my desk at work eating lunch, I decided to “Google myself“. I saw the normal links like obituaries, the other “Justin Steiger” folks here and there, this web site, Instagram, my extinct Facebook, MySpace, Linkedin, and a few “Personal Info” links.

One of the little nuggets that caught my eye was an interview we did last summer for National Stick Shift Day while sitting behind our cars at the “Cache Valley Cruise In“. The person doing the interviews held the mic up to me, my dad, Joe Serta, my daughter, and took a few pictures for posterity.

I am no fan of KSL, but I think they did a pretty good job covering “National Stick Shift Day” for the few of us that like to participate in our daily commute. Google that, I dare you 🙂 (Isn’t crap about it, other than a lot of media providers talking about it).

An audio story about National Stick Shift Day including yours truly, my daughter, and Joe Serta. Recorded behind my “67 Comet at the cruise in.

If you want to read instead of listen, you can do that on KSLNEWSRadio.com as well. He took and supplied many images of my Crown Victoria with me standing next to it.

Hopefully if there is another interview in my life, they will let me know how and when I can see the finished product.

I have another post I need to finish from a hike I did last week. It was so nice to get out and listen to the world while it sleeps…

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