What a Boring Trail

Drug the camera out on Friday and hit up a trail that is not known for its adventurous nature. It kind of follows a road that goes next to a Walmart. You aren’t very far from seeing just how close you are. It was also really devoid of much to photograph. The bright moon was nice, but there just isn’t much to take pictures. On the trail it was really dark, and beyond the trees is was really bright. I could either get a picture of what might be on the trail, or what is visible beyond.

Anyhow, no real inspiration this time. I walked for a total of about 1.3 miles. Totally level, freshly paved, and great weather. The river next to the trail sounded nice but it was behind some thick foliage so there wasn’t many chances to watch the water.

Next weekend is a long one, maybe we can get out, find some dirt to walk on and call it a hike :). Oh wait! No, because Indy 500 in the morning, and Coca Cola 600 later in the day (Kyle Larson is doing the double so it’ll be a full day Sunday).

The images are not some that I would ever dream of printing but here they are.

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