2024 Historic 25th St. Car Show!

Once again, we made it to the 25th St. car show just a few blocks from my house. As usual the weather was “PHUQUING” hot, and the crowd was HUGE. What does this mean? It means that if I didn’t enjoy going to shows to see other like minded individuals hard work, I would stay in my air conditioned house and watch the paint grow, or dry, or what ever the saying goes. People and heat are two things I really could do with out. But the cars! I loved the cars (even though they have to let the chevys, imports, DONK cars, lowrider cars, and a plethora of other distasteful abominations into the show). Even the cars that I deem an absolute waste of talent, time, money, and taste, there is some wonderful engineering done in almost every car at any show. The chevys to me are 99% cookie-cutter cars. With almost identical power plants, transmissions, attitudes, and appearance. Kind of like seeing a group of Bro Dads wiping down their bro trucks in their down vests and shave parted hair).

Bitching and moaning aside, this show had a lot of entries. It also had quite a few dogs, and a lot too many jelly rolls hangin’ over tight jeans, pierced nipples poking through worn out t-shirts, pre-teen kids getting close to having their teeth punched in, and a few different styles of music being played live (I’m ignoring the boom box cars that irritate everyone in general).

Let us see what images I stole while we were walking around.

When I get ready to leave the house, I almost always take a picture of the curtain over the kitchen sink. This time, Indy was also in the picture “Hi Indy” 🙂 .

Indy cleaning his glasses in the kitchen sink while I test my camera real quick.

After everyone got their pre-walk bathroom break, we headed out. As normal, I also hammered on the shutter button a little bit as we walked. Nothing special here, just “stuff” that will be different come fall.

When we got to the car show, we entered about two thirds down the street. So we started to walk up the street to get our chairs and take a seat in what ever shade we could find.

Once we were sat down (it was getting cloudy, so finding “shade” was complicated 🙂 ) we headed out to see the shinny stuff. Way too many people (good for the show, bad for my attitude).

Pretty much sums up the show. Really not a ton going on other than people, food trucks, and people watching.

And dogs!

Almost forgot, a few more images left that were kind of random, but tell a story I guess.

I am off to take a cold shower, organize a few things for the morning, and hit the hay. Jamie has been a trooper with us, and has already gotten some ice frozen up, food chopped and fixed, and it sounds like she’s ready to shower and crash too.

See you all tomorrow for the “Youth Impact Car Show” (third annual). I do not have Facebook so I can’t see their event page, but that’s the link I was given.

Even ugly things have beauty .. Just look at the Volkswagen “Thing” .. Ugly but SO iconic and wonderful (no, I would not want to own one).

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