A Little Canal Trail Walk

We had plans to venture up to Crystal Hot Springs today since we assume the crowd would be minimal due to the eleven minutes of game play stretched out to 3 hours called “American Football”. Probably my least favorite sport (then Basketball, Baseball, Golf and Corn Hole). Next weekend however, a truly american sport starts its season.

I only brought my Rokinon 85mm lens with me on this hike, and regretted it pretty quickly. It is a really nice lens, but not for nature photography if you want to take wide images. On my Pentax K-3 iii it acts more like a 140mm lens. Kind of a small zoom lens if you think of it like that. I should have brought my 28mm, or my 15mm lens. They allow for wider images.

No images feel “good” to me, they’re all a little bland, and uninteresting, but the point of taking pictures isn’t to take bangers every time, it is to get used to seeing through the eye of photography. Good or bad, this is them, and it was nice to get our heart rates up on the trail for a few minutes.

Snow stopped us pretty early on (it was supposed to be about 3 miles out and back, but about a half mile up, the snow got slippery). Maybe another weekend we’ll find some more energy to go get our shoes dirty.

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